Fukuoka Cruise

kokura castle, Kokura Castle, Katsuyama Park, Kokura Castle Garden

A light-hearted metropolis

Kyushu’s largest city, Fukuoka is one of the most likeable places in Japan – indeed, despite the fact that it’s not exactly a household name abroad, it regularly pops up on global best-places-to-live lists.

While it boasts few actual sights, there’s a certain Kyushu-style joie de vivre here, best exemplified at the umpteen rustic street-side yatai, where locals slurp happily away on their ramen while knocking back beer, sake or whatever takes their fancy. Until recently, the city was an industrial nonentity, notable only for its transport connections to Korea and the rest of the island, but its renaissance has been remarkable. 
When you are cruising the Pacific Ocean with MSC Cruises you’ll find that Fukuoka is a squeaky-clean metropolis; it deserves a day of any cruiser’s time. Highlights here include one or two excellent museums and ranks of eye-catching modern architecture – most notable in the latter category are Canal City, a self-contained cinema, hotel and shopping complex built around a semi-circular strip of water, and Hawks Town, which forms part of a major seafront

Cruises from / to Fukuoka (Hakata) in 2024


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