drink packages terms & conditions

Drink packages are non-transferable and cannot be shared with other guests, being valid for one drink per order. Violation of these terms may result in cancellation of a guest's package without entitlement to a refund or credit of any kind.


Packages are sold on a per cruise basis and not per day or any other basis. The price applies to all days of the cruise except the day of disembarkation. Once activated on board, packages cannot be cancelled or refunded. Packages must be booked by all guests occupying the same cabin, travelling together and wishing to dine at the same table. This includes minors, for whom the Minors Package must be booked.


The package is not compulsory for children under 3 years of age (i.e. who have not yet reached their third birthday). The following items are not included in the package: tobacco, souvenir glasses, ice cream menu, retail items, minibar and room service. The following exclusions apply: tobacco, souvenir cups, ice cream menus, retail items, minibar, cabin service, promotions and Signature Venues (Venchi 1878 , Jean-Philippe Maury venues, MSC Virtuosa Starship Club, MSC World Europa Coffee Emporium, MSC World Europa Raj Polo Tea Room) regardless of the price of drinks, cabin service and promotions. You must be of legal age to consume alcohol. Other terms and conditions may apply. Guests under the legal drinking age with respect to the ship's operating area are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol. Drinks and liquor may be substituted according to availability and itinerary.


Please note that, in accordance with Saudi law, alcohol will not be served during stopovers in Saudi Arabian ports. Alcohol will be available to our guests when the ship sails into international waters.