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Your Loyalty Level Matched. Your Benefits Maintained.

Are you a loyalty member of another cruise line, hotel, or tour operator? If so, it’s time to discover our MSC Cruises Status Match programme, which makes it easy to bring your earned benefits from another loyalty programme with you and instantly enjoy comparable (or even greater) privileges on your future MSC Cruises sailings.

Enrollment is free and easy. Simply submit your Status Match request by completing the form below and we’ll contact you once you’ve been approved and matched to your new MSC Voyagers Club loyalty tier. Once approved, you’ll instantly qualify for a 5% discount on future MSC Cruises sailings, where you’ll also receive onboard discounts for photos, Wi-Fi, and spa services; complimentary gifts; and other valuable savings. When you sail with MSC Cruises, you’ll immediately enjoy all of the privileges you’re used to and more.


If you want to sign up today, fill out the below PDF application form and send the document to

status match plus

Joining our Status Match programme has never been so convenient! Book a cruise with us by November 30th and enrol to the MSC Status Match Plus: we will grant you an incredible membership level upgrade and give you access to many additional exclusive benefits immediately!

If you’re a Classic* member with another loyalty programme, we will upgrade you to MSC Voyagers Club Silver membership, while we will upgrade you to the Gold membership level if you're already a Silver member with another Company.

You will thus have the possibility to enjoy all privileges related to the new membership status during your first cruise as MSC Voyagers Club member.


This promotion is limited to Classic and Silver. Gold and  Diamond membership are excluded.

Status Match’s request must be approved before confirming the booking.

Points and upgrade applied before the departure. 

This promotion cannot be combined with the Winter Members Promotion.

Valid for selected departures from September 2023 up to next 6 months.

MSC World Cruise excluded.

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