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Unforgettable honeymoon memories on cruise

Unforgettable honeymoon memories on cruise

There is nothing more romantic than sailing away together into a golden sunset. Secluded island beaches, dining looking at the ocean and spa packages for two are just some of the romantic pursuits available.
Romantic destinations

Romantic destinations

Fill your photo album with pictures from many different romantic destinations instead of just one. MSC Cruises offers a wide choice of itineraries from romantic Mediterranean cities to unspoiled Caribbean beaches. And with MSC ship doing the "island hopping" for you, you'll find plenty of time to relax or to be as active as you like.
Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it onboard your MSC cruise ship.
A wide choice of activities

A wide choice of activities

MSC Cruises offer the best of both daytime fun and nighttime excitement.  Fill your days with sightseeing, water sports, cultural activities, or simply lounge by the pool and relax. At night, enjoy casinos, shows, dancing or just a quiet evening gazing at the stars.
Luxurious cabins and suites

Luxurious cabins and suites

MSC cruise ships offer a wide choice of different types of cabin accommodations and suites, and most of them have private balconies. MSC Yacht Club suites offer 24-hour service, concierge services and even a butler.
Exceptional pampering

Exceptional pampering

MSC Cruises’ ships offer the finest personalized service from highly trained personnel. 
MSC Cruises' staff will do anything to keep you comfortable, making your honeymoon cruise even more memorable.


The perfect backdrop for a day to remember

The perfect backdrop for a day to remember

Your Anniversary is an important event that should be celebrated. MSC Cruises provides a unique and romantic setting where you can celebrate your love.
Whether you are looking to share a private setting with your significant other or have a party with your family and friends, our staff is committed to making your anniversary a memorable experience.
Our luxury cruises provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy every minute of the day and of the night. From card tournaments, treasure hunts, sport activities to theatre shows, disco nights and casinos games.

For a completely rejuvenating cruise experience, MSC Cruises offers a wide selection of spa packages, featuring innovative beauty treatments, massages and wellness sessions to relax and revitalize mind and body.

Aboard MSC Cruises, your dining experience will be unsurpassed as you enjoy exquisite cuisine prepared by our chefs throughout your holiday. But if you would like to indulge yourself or your partner with a little something extra, we offer a range of special packages which can be arranged directly through your travel agent when you book your cruise.

So why not savour a series of high quality wines selected for you by our sommeliers, or add a touch of sensuality to your haven of relaxation with a romantic breakfast or an enticing snack?

Choose from:

  • Explore and Taste package: Included shore excursion, wine and tray of canapes
  • Explore and Delight package: Included shore excursion, Swarovski gift up to Euro 70 total
  • Delight and Taste package: Bottle of wine, celebration cake, one deluxe continental breakfast for two in cabin and gift for two up to Euro 70 total

Debutante Ceremonies

MSC Debutante Ceremonies - Classic & De Luxe

We have devised an original product dedicated to girls entering society (15 in South America, 16 in USA-Canada), making MSC the first cruise company that offers debutantes parties at sea with 2 options: CLASSIC and DE LUXE packages:
- the party includes 1 hour drink service and cake for up to 20 participants (ages 3 and older count);
- the party lounge is reserved for up to 2 hours and the ceremony is to be held in the girls language;
- lounge to be decorated with birthday décor (balloons, paper around pillars etc) according to preferred colour.
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MSC Debutante Ceremonies - Classic & De Luxe

Ceremonies on board

Symbolic weddings, renewals of vows, engagements}

Symbolic weddings, renewals of vows, engagements

An unforgettable moment made even more magical in a dream setting for any couple. 
A romantic vow taken by those in love as they cruise the high seas.
Sail with MSC Cruises: the perfect way to deliver your romantic surprises, celebrate your anniversaries and hold the most memorable receptions for family and friends. 
The ceremonies are purely symbolic and have no legal or religious value.