Ramón Freixa: unique creativity with Spanish roots

World-renowned Spanish Chef Ramón Freixa has brought his award-winning cuisine to MSC since 2017. Our guests delight in his visual and sensory surprises, with every dish revealing a delicious secret history in daring combinations of traditional Mediterranean flavours and avant-garde innovation.

Award-winning cuisine with royal recognition

Ramón Freixa's sumptuously bold and witty creations have won worldwide recognition, with multiple awards for best chef and best restaurant, two Michelin stars, three Repsol Suns, a host appearance in the 2016 Spanish Celebrity MasterChef final.

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A quest for magic

Chef Freixa's creations for his celebrity restaurants and innovative cookery books follow a distinctive approach that he describes as "based on three elements: produce, technique and feeling, plus a search for magic." Every dish is conceived to tell a story in sequences of flavour, texture and colour. This extraordinary approach is yours to savour on the gastronomic voyage of an MSC cruise.

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