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A MSC Cruise to Red Sea crossing through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, is the perfect combination between history and nature.

Sail the warm waters of the Red Sea to discover a series of unique UNESCO World Heritage sites, from our homeport  Jeddah - a veritable hub of heritage and modernity - to the port of Al Wajh, the gateway to explore the UNESCO site of Al Ula, passing by the ancient city of Petra (Aqaba) and the unique atmosphere of the Jordanian desert.

Enjoy nature at its finest in Safaga and its neighbourhood, deep dive into the Egyptian tradition and culture travelling up to the temple valley of Luxor, and then relax taking the perfect diving experience in Yanbu, with its turquoise waters and almost untouched coral reef.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan cruises are unique treasures offering the travel experience of a lifetime.

The excursion offer for the ports of call in Egypt and Jordan will be soon available.
The excursion offer for the ports of call in Saudi Arabia are already available.


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